Customer Testimonials

Our customers have said some amazing things about our service.

“Hands down, CellarPass is the single best investment we made for our tasting room in 2012- period! The return has been tremendous for us and we look forward to continuing to work with the CellarPass team well into the future.”

“CellarPass has been game changing for Hall.  The ease of use on the back end, integration with our CRM and accounting software, and ability to promote our programs and events in one place, make for a perfect partnership.  The marketing campaigns and opportunities CellarPass provides their clients  are robust , and with their guidance and support, we are now beginning to really leverage opportunities for promotion of our new facility, marketing newly developed experiences and upcoming events, and ultimately driving visitor traffic.

Thank you CellarPass!!”

“We’ve never been happier since we switched from VinoVisit to CellarPass.”

“We’re happy. Keep up the good work! Keep pushing forward.”

“CellarPass has offered us the ability to accept reservations online 24/7 which has helped us immensely to keep up with the demand for our tastings and events. They’ve also listened to us on how to improve the system for our business and responded very quickly.”

Calaveras County Visitors Bureau believes that CellarPass is a great service for helping consumers as well as the wine industry:

It’s not just a reservation system that CellarPass delivers – it goes beyond, giving wineries opportunities to exceed customer expectations.  For example, if a group of friends makes a reservation and there is a special occasion related to their outing (i.e. anniversary, birthday), then the winery can act accordingly and welcome the group with a special gift or offer or some other small token of acknowledgment of the special occasion.  What a nice welcome!

“The system also allows the smaller wineries who may have limited hours to staff accordingly and also make sure they are open.  It’s much better opening when you KNOW you’re going to have business.

Additionally, CellarPass has helped to coordinate off-site marketing opportunities for wineries that they may not otherwise be able to afford or perhaps even know about.  These include on-site sales positioning and a regional marketing presence.

CellarPass offers the consumer peace of mind knowing they are going to get to taste wine and not have to wait in long lines.  It also has the opportunity to give them a great and satisfying experience.  Of course, this benefits the wineries, and the wine region for that matter, as these consumers go home and tell their friends, or more likely, use social media on the spot to rave about the experience they are having.”

“We really did our homework with the competition and the choice was clear, we had to go with CellarPass.  We have never regretted our choice. Our whole team loves using the program and we absolutely love the added traffic that we get from the additional marketing thatCellarPass does.I highly recommend it for ease of use and integration, the support you get when you have questions and the exposure we get through CellarPass.”

“Before we started using CellarPass for our reservations we were using a 3 inch binder and hand writing each reservation in… We were also emailing individual customers their confirmations.  e can have up to 1000 guests make reservations for one given day; you can imagine the time spent organizing and inputting reservations.  CellarPass has saved us hours and hours every week, it has helped us become more organized, professional and saved us money in payroll hours.  The people at CellarPass are more than helpful and respond almost immediately to answer any question/concerns about the system.  We are grateful for such a exceptional tool and intend to keep using CellarPass in the future.”

“Before we started using CellarPass for our reservations our concierges were passing around “the book” that managed all our reservations, so if someone had it in their office while working with a guest to make a reservation, we we’re basically on hold until they were done. With CellarPass, our entire team has immediate access to determine availability while also offering the convenience to our guests to book right on our website.

CellarPass sends us our “bread & butter” guests.”

“CellarPass has played such an important role here at Charles Krug. When you’re the oldest commercial winery in the Napa Valley with the newest tasting room and state of the art visitor center, streamlining operations and managing connections becomes a top priority. We couldn’t be more pleased with the service and support we receive from Sarah, Jonathan and the entire CellarPass team. Creating lasting relationships is what this valley and industry are all about, and this service [CellarPass] is the perfect way for any winery to do just that!”

“Thank you for taking the time out to call! Your system is very easy to navigate – much easier than the MailChimp system we have been using thus far.”

CellarPass sends us quality case buyers, which is what we’re looking for.