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Frequently-asked Questions About CellarPass | Winery Partner

How can I retrieve my lost Admin password?
With so many passwords you have to remember these days, don’t feel guilty about losing yours.

Doh, you lost your Admin password and you’ve looked everywhere for it, right? Have no fear, we can generate a new one for you and have it sent to you via your registered email address. Click Here to reset your Admin password. Be sure to look in your spam folder in case your email blocks ours.

Once you have received your new password via email, you can change it by following the instructions in ‘Changing My Password’ in this FAQ.

What do I do if I have forgotten my Admin username?

There’s a good chance that it’s your company’s email address.

We recommend that when your Admin account is generated for the first time that your company-issued email address is used for your login credentials. For those that are not issued company-issued email address, we recommend that you contact your manager for further assistance.

If you don’t have an Admin account, please contact your manager to have them issue you one.

Do not contact CellarPass support for lost email address or login credentials as due to security policies, we cannot provide assistance in this matter.

How long will it take to get setup?

Much sooner than you think! The majority of our new members can be up and running in less than 30 minutes.

CellarPass offers several different support options to choose from. We recommend that you sign up for the ‘White Glove’ service if you have little time and want to start accepting reservations right away. With the ‘White Glove’ level of service, we hold a kick-off meeting to ask you some questions, we’ll build your account, setup your schedule and get you trained lickety-split!

For those that opt for the Starter level, we recommend that you start with a very simple schedule (like “Current Release Tasting, every hour on the hour) and add more experiences (barrel tasting, vineyard treks, etc) as you become more familiar with the platform.

It’s true… sign up and in under an hour you can start accepting reservations.

How will my guests feel about our winery requiring reservations.

The majority of reservations made online is from 7pm to 10pm, long after your staff has left for the day

Our team is filled with industry experts that have worked for some of the biggest labels in the world and we totally understand the need to nurture relationships- that’s what wine clubs and tasting rooms are all about, right? What has changed is how people plan their travel these days and the internet has made this a pain-free process.

Just like OpenTable has transformed making reservations for restaurants and Kayak has helped you book a hotel, car or airfare, CellarPass fills the need for the majority of the people in the world that want to book online and not have to call, leave a message and the whole back and forth phone tag. Our guests want to go to CellarPass.com, book their tastings and know it’s done, instantly. In fact, the majority of our reservations are done between 7pm and 10pm, long after your staff has gone home for the day.

And by all means, call the guest after they make a reservation- you get their full contact details, so there’s nothing stopping you from picking up the phone and saying “thank you for booking” and checking to see if there’s anything you can do to make their visit to wine country more memorable!

Don’t miss out on thousands of guests that are planning and booking their trip to wine country.

Can I require a guest's credit card to book?
Wanna drop your ‘no-show’ rate to less than 5%? Require a credit card to secure a reservation.

No doubt, we’ve all been there. You have the private room all set up with flowers and candles, the glasses have been polished, your reserve wines have been carefully decanted and then… Nobody shows up and guess what? Your team failed to get the guest’s phone number, let alone their credit card number!

Doh, this is one of the worst scenarios and we’ve heard the horror stories and this is where helps you out. CellarPass not only allows you to setup your reservations to require a credit card, but you can also configure it to process the guest’s credit card- at time of booking, dropping your ‘no-show’ rate significantly.

Tired of “no shows”? Signup for CellarPass and watch your rate drop.

Can I sell tickets to my special events?

Built-in ticket sales and order management is at the ready!

That is what is so great about CellarPass! No you don’t have to use two different platforms when it comes to guest management. Have a winemaker dinner and want to sell tickets- yes you can! Wanna attract guests to come visit you and book your barrel tasting this weekend? Yes you can!

“Wow, I don’t have to use 2-3 different systems to manage my events?”

Does the system recognize wine club members?

Promote wine club member benefits when they book online

CellarPass offers integrations with some of the most popular wine club management platforms, recognizing the club member during checkout and apply their benefits such as complimentary tastings, discounts and more! Simply signup for our Standard or Professional-level services, add the “Club Member” plug in and setup your integrated club program and you’ll be all set to recognize your members right within CellarPass.

Link your CellarPass account to one of our integrated eCOM and CRM partners for the ultimate guest management solution.

Can guests book through my website?

Make it easy for your guests and club members to plan their visit

Once you have created your schedule, simply drop a bit of code or create a hyperlink to our booking engine on your ‘Visit Us’ or ‘Contact’ page and CellarPass takes care of the rest, offering a fast, convenient and secure way to secure a reservation.

Yes, the widget code works with ALL HTML-based content management systems including Joomla, WordPress and much more.

Is CellarPass PCI Compliant?

Securely storing your guests’ credit card data is no longer optional

If you are storing credit card data in many of the popular calendaring programs like Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar, you are no PCI Compliant. Signup for CellarPass and leave the complicated process of maintaining PCI Compliance to our resident team of web technology and security experts.

The latest copy of our PCI DSS certificate is available right in the back office, providing you peace of mind that your guests’ data is safe and secure, 24/7/365.

What if a guest needs to change their reservation?

When plans change, CellarPass allows a convenient way to make changes.

We all know that plans can change, morning, noon or night. Guests that have been booked via reservation can easily log into their My Account, review their upcoming reservations, make changes to the number of guests, reschedule to a different date and even cancel- all without having to reach you. And the best part is that you set the rules as to how close to the event they can make changes, let alone cancel. The system allows you to set up cancellation and ‘no-show’ policies so there’s no surprises for your guests.

And if the guest calls you, there’s a simple way to look up a guest’s reservation and make changes in just a few clicks.

Guests can make changes to their reservations following your cancellation policies, right online.

Can I customize the confirmation templates?

Be as personal as you’d like with unlimited custom templates

Have a barrel tasting and need to provide some “what to wear” information in your confirmation email? Offer a Food & Wine Pairing and would like to ask the guests if they have any dietary requirements? Each event or experience you offer, can have a custom-tailored confirmation template, allowing you to providing event-specific information, automatically!

Custom design confirmation templates based on the type of experience or where it’s taking place to make sure your guests are prepared and informed.

What if a guest calls to book a reservation?

Simple backoffice tools are at the ready to book reservations or sell tickets

Some guests will no doubt continue to call your winery directly to book and the platform offers several different ways to book a guest’s reservation or sell tickets. Why would I book these? First of all, reservations placed through the backoffice are F-R-E-E and you and the guest gets all the benefits of the platform such as a confirmation email, a friendly reminder 24-hours ahead of the event and are invited to leave a Winery Experience Review.

One solution (not 2-3) to manage reservations and sell tickets to your special events.

What are Winery Experience Reviews?

Winery Experience Reviews are the fastest way to get honest feedback from your guests.

We’ve all heard the stories about how internet review sites can be skewed, inaccurate and just plain fake, right? CellarPass is w-a-a-ay different. Our Winery Experience Reviews are  only available to guests that have placed a reservation and have been checked in by Y-O-U, making it impossible for a fake guest to log onto CellarPass and write a review without ever having visiting your property.

Our winery members love it because they receive honest feedback, provide kudos to your hosts and commentary that is then shared with other guests on our website, giving them insight on the stellar service your property provides. So book all your reservations through CellarPass and let the great feedback pour in!

Wanna check it out? Go to website and check out some of your favorite winery members and read them for yourself.

How does CellarPass market their service to wine consumers?

No marketing channel is safe, no rock is left unturned

CellarPass’ main goal (after providing a kick-ass platform, of course) is growing our consumer database that is filled with wine consumers looking to find new wineries and tasting rooms from around the world.

How do we do this?
Our team is busy all year round massaging our marketing campaigns, offline and online. This is because as the seasons change, the demographics of our consumer change, plus social media is become more and more a component to guests plotting out their travel plans. Oenophiles visit wine country during the late summer months to soak in all the exciting harvest-related action, while honeymooners hit the early part of the summer. There’s lots of dynamics when it comes to wine country travel and you have access to real-time data to help you better understand how you can make slight adjustments to stay ahead of your neighbors.

Some of our recent campaigns include major print advertising, SEO, SEM, social media, major sponsorships of wine-related events and tight relationships with regional concierges, drivers, hotelliers, tour operators and more.

Are you an event producer and would like CellarPass to help promote it? Give us a call 707-255-4390.

Can someone book on the behalf of a guest?
Provide a fast and convenient way for hospitality professionals to book 24/7/365

Just like guests, hospitality professionals (concierges, drivers, hotelliers, etc.) don’t have a lot of free time to plan and make reservations. Hospitality folks can book directly on CellarPass.com or through your own website, add their personal notes about the guest and even get recognized for placing the reservation.

CellarPass Reward Points
To encourage hospitality professionals to use CellarPass, when they place a reservation on CellarPass.com, they make they will earn 100 points which can be used to purchase items in our Reward Points Marketplace.

Drivers, concierges, executive assistants and more can book on behalf of their clients and manage their reservations.

Why is my region not listed on CellarPass.com?

The magic number is 8

We have found that just like dating sites, if there’s not a lot of choices, visitors are underwhelmed. So instead of adding a region and having just a couple of members, we work closely with new regions to help build not only traffic to the area by beefing up our marketing of the area, offer special incentives to have your neighbors join and soak in the benefits of being a CellarPass member.

Are you a regional organization or have a group of wineries that your company owns? We provide volume discounting and special incentives when you signup 3+ wineries. Give us a call at 707-255-4390 for more details.

Why is there a different fee for each type of booking?

It’s all about the cost of customer acquisition

CellarPass offers a low monthly fee, plus special plans that can be based on a per-person, per reservation or simply by the reservation. Those fees are based on how the reservation was processed and we break it down to a couple of simple categories:

When a guest calls you to schedule a reservation, that is completely FREE!

Once you install the Widget on your website, allowing guests to book directly from your website, there’s a small fee related to this transaction is based on whether you are on a per-person or per reservation plan.

The CellarPass mobile app and mobile-ready website’s popularity is doubling every quarter, so with that trend, we’re seeing more and more reservations coming through these devices. The majority of our online and print ads are focused on consumers downloading our app to book since they can book without ever having to sit in front of their computer.

CellarPass works with dozens and dozens of 3rd party websites that add our reservation links on their websites. And to encourage them to maintain these links, we provide special incentives which turns into opportunity for more guests to discover your winery or tasting room.

To encourage hospitality professionals to use CellarPass, we reward them with points for every reservation. To help offset the costs of this program while providing them the convenience, there’s a special rate for this type of reservation.

Wanna learn more about what others have found success with CellarPass? Check out our Testimonials section of our website.

How Do I Check In Guests?
Get better guest reporting by checking in your Guests

CellarPass provides you many different means to check in guests via our back office, but what has become the most popular is our tablet-ready Guest Checkin app which is compatible with iPad and Kindle Fire and Kindle HDX. The app allows you to view your reservations and tickets, check them in and much more.

Checking in your guests not only provides you better attendance reporting, it also triggers our system to send a Winery Experience Review invite 48 hours after the guest has been checked in.

Keep track on the performance of your tasting room staff with CellarPass.

Can’t find what you are looking for or would like to schedule a demo? Contact us

It’s easy to get started and with flexible support options, you can be up and running in 30 minutes or less.

  • Automatically accept reservations through your website
  • Sell tickets to special events
  • Automate confirmations, reminders & follow-ups
  • 100% PCI Compliant
  • Eliminate phone & email tag
  • Reduce “no-shows” by 87%